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I stood on the brink of the world, looking out into the endless nothingness that was to be known as the horizon of eternity. What waited ahead was unclear, and I sat down for a while to gather my thoughts.

As I tried to focus on a specific point in front of me, it started to become clear that the skies that appeared before my tear ridden eyes were an illusion created by an alternate, darker side of me.

His hate alone had destroyed the only path to glory, and he had blamed the world for it. His wings, blackened by the harsh realities that comprise our world. This alternate version of me had no hope, and no future.

But that was in the past. That was another me, someone who died a long time ago. He sleeps, but perhaps not eternally. Knowing that his rebirth could be eminent in a near future, I started to shiver as the cold winds painted the sky crimson red. I turned my eyes to the sky.

As I watched the red clouds that covered the horizon silently go by, I realized that this view wasn't meant for me. It was meant for someone else. It meant for HIM.

I understood, that it was up to me to repaint this sky, to repaint what is not yet to be, but what shall become.

I closed my eyes and imagined a brush painting the skies blue. I slowly filled the skies with my brush and I could feel that, with every new stroke, the color of my very soul started to change. But I decided that I couldn't stop there. I had to do something about the path that was long gone. The path that was destroyed. The nothingness that was beneath the skies was gradually replaced with something else. Blue turned to green and a great field opened up beneath me to reveal my new path, my new destiny.

I decided to once again stand tall and reach for the heavens. I opened up my eyes again and what I saw was what I had envisioned. The skies had turned from crimson to blue, and the green hills that connected to the great field to reveal my future path had replaced the nothingness that covered the horizons.

I found myself standing in the grass, soaking my feet as if still wet from the paint. I spread my now golden wings and let the mysterious mistress called "Wind" take them in her strong arms. The world fluttered for an instant as I turned my eyes to the new horizons, and let the warm breeze lift me up as I flapped my wings and started my new journey.

The horizon of eternity was no more, and the other me was sound asleep.

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